Grief Group Online

I have a passion for Grief due to my own experience of losing both my parents by the time I was 21years old and having resistance to the grieving process. There is no time line where grief is concerned, and it brings up discomfort which most of us humans are very adept at avoiding! I certainly used all kinds of tactics, like busyness, work, relationships, drinking and drugs which are all great ways to escape, but I always felt a sort of loneliness, a disconnect and an inability to fully feel or enjoy things.

I believe that a combination of modalities helped bring me back into life fully and made me grateful to be alive, which was not always the case. Finding a therapist, attending self-development workshops, starting Yoga, having body work like acupuncture and massage and attending 12 step recovery groups.

I think of all of those things, listening to others share their experiences and realising I was not alone or crazy was the most profound part of healing for me.

That is why I am passionate about these groups, the group experience makes you feel more connected to others, yourself and to life. We feel uplifted and supported which is what we need when life consistently throws us curve balls that can leave us defeated and exhausted.  

I gained experience facilitating Grief Groups in LA for the charity Our House. This is specifically for people who are grieving death. I have left my groups open to grieving more experiences, like job loss, divorce, illness, miscarriage, fertility problems, children leaving home, life pre-covid.

Any loss or big life change brings up feelings and emotions that are worthy of exploration and processing.

There are strong correlations between unresolved emotions and physical ill ness which is why talking and expressing ourselves will become as important as a workout at the gym.

As the old saying goes…

Grief Group Online meets weekly on Zoom for 1 hour. At the start of each session I introduce a new topic relating to the grieving process and then we open it up for each participant to express how they are feeling and what their experience is.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me

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