Cafe Conscious

Café Conscious has been evolving in my mind since 2013!

My word, that’s rather an embarrassingly long time. Initially I saw it as a physical café but having had the bricks and mortar fashion shop in London, I wanted to keep life simple and flexible!

I have always loved groups and been fascinated by the learnings and communities that they create.

Café Conscious is an 11week course introducing practices and principles of Spiritual Psychology to help navigate life. I have also taken inspiration from Yoga, Grief work, Toast Masters, 12 Step programs, the Alpha Course, Writing Groups and anecdotes from my own life experiences.

It is an education, but the real power is the emotional detox each person in the group gets to release. Sharing from an authentic place and knowing you are in a safe environment with no judgement allows everyone to express themselves in a way that you do not normally get to do in day-to-day life.

I really believe we are all teachers for one another, so listening to each person gives us a tremendous amount of healing and realising we are not alone in the struggles that we encounter in life.


Cafe Conscious group designed and led by Tara was a brand new concept that I had no expectations but the course has really transformed my life in many ways. I understand my emotion better, I am more brave of doing things I want to do and not worrying other’s opinions, and I connect with people I care more. There are so many components within this wonderful course of life that we may not think about or read in media. It’s powerful and love-centred, you feel you can give more and you are open to receive too. Thank you Tara for this experience.

“Café Conscious gave me time each week to learn something new and reflect on what was happening in my life. At first it felt strange, but afterwards, I enjoyed the sharing aspect without getting feedback.”

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