The Twelve Steps …

Have you ever felt like shoes were your best friends? Some pairs you never wear, but you feel so attached because they hold fond memories? Do you dash into department stores and head straight to the shoe floor? Does your heart start palpitations as you fall in love with 3 pairs which equates to a months salary? Have you ever had to dump a boyfriend because you were totally appalled by a pair of shoes he showed up in? Are you too ashamed to admit this to anyone??!

Don’t worry dear friends, if you answered yes to any of the above I totally understand, you can share your shame with me! On my last count I think my shoe collection was in excess of 60 pairs. Regular culls are always being topped up and I have a terrible habit of repeat buying, because a subtle difference is significant to me. Sound familiar?

Take for example, the wedge, I love a wedge for comfort and adding length to my stumpy legs! I have varying heights, open and closed toes, ankle straps and sling backs. I find Miu Miu and Chloe are always reliable sources for a great wedge.

For glitz and glam Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo will let you party the night away and make you feel like a shoe queen! Warning – don’t be a drunken Cinderella and make the fatal mistake of tossing them aside for some serious dancing and not be able to locate them when you regain consciousness.

In my experience Yves Saint Laurent are great for comfort and offer a sexy and sophisticated selection for the more discerning woman. If you find yourself having to stand or walk, god for bid, you won’t be cursing these shoes by the end of the night.

Chanel, c’est classique! Nothing beats their ballet flat, an investment worth making for every chic wardrobe. A Chic Seeker tip, get the leather soles replaced immediately to prolong their life. At the moment I love these Chanel heels for their glamorous take on a wedge.

I have a theory of why we get so emotionally attached to our footwear friends….to see ourselves in clothes, we require a mirror for our reflection, but when we wear shoes we can see them, so the bond is strengthened. And of course, our feet are less likely to fluctuate like the rest of our bodies, so the shopping experience is full of delight and likely to leave you feeling sexy and sophisticated.

IT’S A FACT, shoes make us feel fabulous, they finish an outfit and they get you noticed! Not such a bad addiction to have after all…

Visit our shoe sale, free delivery and returns for 1 week only – sale finishes on Monday 29th at 10am!

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