Emma Lewis

Emma Lewis is a name you’ll definitely see popping up regularly in the photography world. This week we shot our Chic of the Week in our cosy Chic&Seek abode with her most treasured possession, her camera and our Mulberry Olive leather bag. Emma’s love of photography was fully ignited when she started travelling the world and was inspired by the magnificent landscapes, fascinating people and enchanting cultures she came across. She has a natural affinity with colour and this is apparent throughout her work.

What do you do? 

I am an Interiors, Lifestyle and Portrait photographer. I get to nose into people’s lives and take pictures of their beautiful homes, treasures they have collected and portraits of them. It is constantly inspiring but it does mean that I always want to redecorate my house and buy more things!

What are you most proud of?

Making the move from working in a stable job in the film industry to going out on my own to be a freelance photographer. I love the freedom of being my own boss and doing what I really love to do. I also always feel pretty proud when I am walking down the street with my two beautiful and inspiring sisters.

What can’t you live without?

My camera! And I would be lost without my boyfriend, friends and family. I also need to go on an adventure somewhere new a few times a year if possible – though it doesn’t always work out that way sadly!

What is your most memorable fashion purchase?

I don’t know if it is very fashionable but I think it was when I discovered topshop tall jeans. I live in my jeans and being over 6ft tall always struggled to find any that really fit. So the day I discovered topshop tall was a very exciting day! Luckily now other shops are starting to catch on that there are tall girls out there too!

What is your favourite shop of all time?

I am having a bit of a love affair with Cos at the moment.  I love the simplicity but modern look of their clothes and think that now I am in my mid-thirties it is time I start trying to look a bit more sophisticated and move away from Topshop!! I also can never resist having a wander around Liberty, the sound of the creaky wooden floors and all the wonderful things in there is like stepping into a dream world for a little while.

What is your biggest fashion mistake?!

I think it will have to be my red dungarees that I wore for a few years in my late teens. I think the less said about them the better!

Who would play you in the film of your life?

Well I would be pretty chuffed if Liv Tyler did. Effortlessly cool, beautiful and quirky – how I am in my dream world though not necessarily in real life!

What’s your Chic Beauty/Fashion tip?

Beauty tip – try and buy products with only words you understand in the ingredients. It can be more damaging than you realize putting unknown products on to your skin and essentially into your body – the skin is your bodies biggest organ. I am a huge fan of Neals Yard.


Check out some of Emma’s beautiful photographs




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