Shopping in Ibiza

If you get the urge to splurge, there is no shortage of shopping on the white isle.

You will need a car to explore the shops I am suggesting, but you won’t be disappointed to venture far for some of these shopping havens that I have discovered during my time in Ibiza.

Take a trip to Sluiz in Santa Gertrudis. This is a warehouse superstore of the bold and beautiful. The selection of home interiors and fashion is laid out in the most fantastic way, you will not believe your eyes! Plan to spend a while here and sit down for a drink or bite to eat at their outdoor bar, you might even catch some live music if you show up on a Sunday.


sluiz2 copy

Moda-Sluiz-Ibiza copy 2

Across the road from Sluiz is La Galeria Elephante. Look out for pink flags in their car park. This is an old finca house of joining rooms full of home ware and boho fashion. Here you will find many cute gift options to take home to happy friends and family or maybe you’ll be tempted to buy some beautiful furniture and have it driven back to London!

La Galeria Elefante

La Galeria Elefante

La Galeria Elefante

Further north on the road to San Juan, you will see a restaurant called Can Curane, tucked behind this is World Family Ibiza. This is stacked full of hand painted furniture in the most fantastic colours and American Indian inspired fashion. This family business started at Las Dallias hippy market and is now an internationally recognized brand. They are like the Missoni family of Ibiza!

World Family

worldfamily3 copy

Hostal Salinas has an upscale market on Sundays with a DJ and bar in full swing. Hop off the beach and into the cool vibe for some hot vintage and jewellery finds.

Once-upon-a-time-Salinas copy

Pacha’s new Destino hotel has a boutique with a high end selection including our favourite beach bags by JadeTRIBE.


Next time, I’ll share some restaurant and beach tips!

Love Tara x



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