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The Chic team has started 2015 with some meditation!   With a mix of experience in the practice (from ‘never’ to ‘forever’) it was perfect to do together…   Myself (the ‘never’) have always wanted to try meditation and I never knew when, where, or how to start. Rebecca Lawn I decided that the New Year was the perfect ‘when’, especially as being a fresh Londoner (and previous country bumpkin) can give a feeling of being caught up in the city pace.   I also decided that although London life can sometimes mean meditation is needed – it is also the perfect place to try it (sorting the ‘where’)! There are many classes around and also many people who meditate.   As for ‘how’ to start – Ellie (the ‘to’) once said to me that the only way to do it wrong is to not do it! Fortunately for us, we also have amazing Emma (the ‘forever’) in our team, who has a healing practice called Evolve and could guide us through. C&SPortraits-Ellie2 So, last night we all spent our evening meditating and I would recommend it to you all! If you need any more of a push..

  • A study at Northeastern University found that people who practice mindfulness are five times more likely to behave compassionately towards others.
  • A US study found that just four days of 20 minutes per day mindfulness training improved working memory and the ability to sustain attention.
  • A recent review of 50 studies found that mindfulness was as effective as anti-depressants in helping depression, but without side effects.

* All Facts from the Headspace meditation app. Emma Ball Its still January! And therefore still the perfect ‘when’. Find your ‘where’ (even at home!) and your perfect ‘how’ (we recommend Emma who holds sessions once a month…)

Contact Emma at:

  • 07832519762
  • evolvehealingandmeditation@gmail.com

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