Goodbye Chic&Seek

An exciting transition has happened in the last month at Chic&Seek. I left the UK at the end of 2014 to study Spiritual Psychology in Los Angeles. It was also a time of transition for Chic&Seek with a new business partner, set to take Chic&Seek in a new and exciting direction. During my return in December, I was left in a difficult postion, we were finding our values were different and therefore we decided to go our separate ways. I returned to LA wondering how I would manage to run the business from a distance. My sister suggested closing down Chic&Seek immediately and admit defeat! I listened calmly, but decided to wait and let the decision be mine to make.

Kal from BuyMyWardrobe and I have known one another over the years and discussed partnering or merging in the past. We took up the conversation again at the end of January 2015, I knew in my heart that it was time for an exit. I am on a new path and wanting to focus my career direction in the world of Healing and Self-Development.

BuyMyWardrobe have their own premises close to Marble Arch, so they were not interested to take over the Chic&Seek boutique. It was a hard decision to close the doors when we so recently opened, I knew it would be dissappointing for local clients that have been supportive of the boutique. But I knew it was the right timing with BuyMyWardrobe and an impossibility to manage things from LA. BuyMyWardrobe share the same values and honest reputation which are so important to me. Their team made the transition seamless, they are a pleasure to work with and I look forward to supporting them with their future vision.

I know Chic Sellers and Chic Seekers will love their service fantastic. I had a clear out of my own wardrobe when I was back in London and gave them a pile of my clothes to sell. I am a firm believer that having attachment to things, can hold us like hostages. Change is one thing we can guarantee in life. As one lovely client said on the days leading up to closing Chic&Seek “We have to hold on tightly and let go lightly”

I am so grateful for the whole experience of Chic&Seek, all that it has taught me and all the people I have worked with. Thank you for your support.

With Love, Tara x

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