Anxiety in Exotic Locations


This Christmas I met my sister Lisa and her family on the island Holbox in Mexico. It is a magical little place with no cars or tarmac roads, little golf buggy taxi’s meet you at the ferry port and take you to your hotels. It was one of the best Christmas’s I have had for a long while and Lisa remarked that I was the happiest she had ever seen me 🙂

The Chic Seeker Champagne on Holbox

My family motto was “Work Hard and Have Nice Holidays!” My mother’s Protestant work ethic made me full of anxiety in exotic locations, robbing myself of being in the present moment and fully appreciating everything that was around me. Right now, in one sense I am feeling the whisper of anxiety to find clarity on my next career path. There is a temptation for me to recreate and reinvent, but I know this is an egoic patter of mine, it is a place of being in reaction and not feeling safe and feeling like all my time must be taken up by action.


In another sense, I am feeling a huge amount of liberation and lightness at no longer having to run a business. I have let go of something that was no longer a satisfying path for me and I took a leap of faith to move and try something new. In the final days of being at Chic&Seek a lovely client said to me, ‘you have to hold on tightly and let go lightly.” I will never forget those words and how much they resonated with me. I did hold on tightly, if felt like I white knuckled it at times, but I got the ending that I intended which I am so very grateful for, and now I can let go lightly and enjoy this new spaciousness in my life.

The Chic Seeker Toes in Water.jpg

As I pursue my final year of Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, my intentions have shifted from Seeking Chic Things to Seeking the Chic Within. My first experience of major loss in my life was when my Father died suddenly when i was 9 years old. This has made me deeply aware of my mortality and trying to find a life of purpose and meaning. I invite you to follow me on this new journey as The Chic Seeker!

With Love, Tara xxx

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