What is Spiritual Psychology?


Before I left London for LA, people would ask me what I was going to study in LA. I would look at them and discern how they were going to receive ‘Spiritual Psychology.’ Us Brits can be somewhat snobbish and dismissive, or should I say old fashioned and antiquated in our views. I knew that the word ‘Spiritual’ would be snuffed at as silly, ethereal or something to be feared. I can see some people think, gosh, are you psychic, as they start crabbing away from me thinking I am reading their minds!


No, Spiritual Psychology is not training me to be a psychic.


In the western study of Psychology we have made it all about the mind and behaviour. However, the word ‘Psyche’ actually means breath, principle of life, soul, but somehow these elements got forgotten about in the western study.


Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica is an experiential program (meaning you learn from your own experiences) that Awakens you as a Spiritual Soul having a Human Experience.


The central teaching is to live from Love, from your Heart Center rather than from your egoic mind. The more we heal the things that disturb our peace, the more we can connect with our Authentic Self where all that resides is Love.


Personally I have found the course to be fascinating and it explores big questions like, Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What is My Purpose? How Can I Make a Meaningful Contribution In the World? These have been questions I have always asked myself, I have always been a Seeker. The course is helping me understand my existence and I feel a sense of peace that I have craved for many years. 


Sounding a bit far out? I strongly recommend ‘Loyalty to Your Soul’ written by our teachers Mary & Ron Hulnick Ph.D. Here is an excerpt from the introduction:


         “What an amazing and fantastic time to be alive, especially if you feel a deep yearning for something more relevant and meaningful than material success alone. There’s little doubt that humanity is involved in a time of convergence, of something old dying while something new is being born. It could be called a global sea change, a worldwide paradigm shift.

            As we see it, what is dying is the notion that advanced consumerism is the path to fulfilment. Many people are realizing that material abundance alone doesn’t result in the happiness that endless marketing so consistently and enthusiastically promises.” (p.xxv Loyalty To Your Soul, H.Ron Hulnick, Ph.D and Mary R. Hulnick, Ph.D)


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