The Pendulum Effect

The motion of emotions is like the swing of a pendulum. Emotions are constantly moving. Even when we sleep we dream. We possess a consistent emotional tension within us which allows for the ever present possibility of pleasure or pain. Even if we know ourselves well our emotions can always surprise us.

After a busy month of travelling back to London, seeing lots of people, returning to LA and then flying to Vegas for a Hen Party, I was running so high on adrenalin and consequently my homework suffered. I felt very disappointed in myself. My teacher then reminded me of the ‘Pendulum Effect’ – in which our emotions can swing from one extreme to the next and we can take our whole lives with us on these extreme trips. I remember learning about this back in 2010.

After a pep talk with my teacher, the following month I worked like a Trojan and superseded all of my requirements! I felt very satisfied with my hard work and dedication.

The challenge is, can I keep up this kind of momentum?  I remind myself that there is actually something deeply satisfying with embracing my humanness and the broad range of emotions that I am able to feel. I am someone who likes extremes, but extremes do not take the totality of my life into consideration.  While indulging in one extreme, the rest of my life can drop away. This is OK to an extent, unless ofcourse the other parts of my life fall into neglect.

I’ve realised that genuine awareness is to be found in the calm. When I am in frequent practice of mind-calming meditations and breathwork, my choices, decisions and commitments are made in alignment with a 365 degree view of my life.  I can put energy in one direction without other areas suffering,  Within the calm lies my ability to recuperate, feel inspired, and cope with sudden changes or unpredictable pain. When I am regularly doing my calming practices, I am in touch with my true-self. I notice appropriate times to slow down and change course. I have found that to reside in this place for long periods of time requires discipline, practice and help from others.

So when stress or overwhelm builds, and my focus has gone way off course, I repeat my practices. I center my focus. I remind myself that I am not the feelings. These feelings will pass through me.

This too shall pass…

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