Ladies, I’m back. After a long break from these newsletters, I will be making the effort to share my thoughts with you each month. What better time to start than a New Year (of the snake), the start of lent and Valentine’s day. I’m footloose and fancy free (again) and rather than wallow in my sorrow of another year without Prince Charming I thought this week I would share my Lust List with you.
I don’t think Bradley Cooper’s going to be knocking on my door anytime soon, so until I’m sharing my bed again, I’ll be holding myself in Olivia Von Halle silk pajama’s in Lila Kitty. These are the ultimate luxury P.J.’s and perfect for lounging in all weekend.
My latest obsession is Smythson. Last week I was invited to their new store opening on Sloane Street, take a peek next time you are sauntering between Harvey Nichols and Peter Jones. I finally upgraded my Filofax to the perfect pink Bijou organizer (!), and now I’m itching to get a matching wallet as well…
What is it about shoes? These are totally impractical and I would probably wear them once, until they found themselves on the Chic&Seek shelves, but this is a lust list after all and these Charlotte Olympia “Love Me” heart-appliqued suede heels are simply the cutest things!
I was having dinner with a ‘Birkin’ client last night and she showed me her manicure, it was OPI ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ – have you heard about this?? Totally ridiculous, nail polish with 18 karat gold leaf in it. The bottle is insane, I have to try it! She discovered this whilst having a manicure at The Bristol in Paris, tres chic!
Lastly whilst perusing in Chanel (all in the name of market research), I saw an image of the most divine Chanel 2.55 Reissue in black with a white piping, this style doesn’t hit the stores until end of March 2013 and sadly I can’t find a pic of it anywhere. Personally I am a much bigger fan of the Re-issue than the classic 2.55, but with a price tag of £2750, I will be waiting a few years until a second-hand one falls through the doors of the Chic&Seek mews.
As for lent ladies…I think its good to say what you will take up rather than give up and mine is to meditate!
Happy Valentines my fellow Chic Seekers, be kind to yourselves xxx

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