It has become universally well known that a tidy house is a tidy mind. From a very young age I found it brilliantly therapeutic rearranging my bedroom, which would of course drive my mother crazy, as I struggled with heavy furniture to achieve this sense of change. De-cluttering and cleansing your room can feel very empowering, especially during seasonal transitions, so here are some of our top tips for a little wardrobe and bedroom maintenance:

–  Pack away your winter wardrobe. With your spring clean completed it is now the time to organise the items you do wish to keep. By only having your spring/summer wardrobe at hand you are less likely to have the daily overwhelming question ‘what do I wear?!’ within this tricky winter/spring changeover. Simplify your wardrobe simplify your mind.

–  It’s called a wardrobe not a chairdobe. As boring as this may sound, resist the urge to leave you clothes sprawled across a chair, or even worse, on the floor. Firstly this will cause you more washing, as the clothes are not able to air, also creased clothes is an absolute no no and it will ruin the ambience of your beautiful room – don’t do it!

–  Organise the clothes in your wardrobe. It may sound a little inane, however knowing that dresses, blouses, trousers and jackets are all in their appropriate place encourage you to visually imagine your outfit and allows you be more creative with your outfits choices, plus it can remind you that your washing pile is increasing, when you have no blouses hanging up!

–  Display your shoes. Having your shoes on display in an interesting way can be the nudge in the right direction you need for outfit inspiration. Those amazing summer peep-toe heels you’ve had under your bed (that you discover every winter) deserve their outing! Often I feel too lazy to wear heels on a night out, but it is the biggest confidence booster, so make the most of your amazing shoe collection!

–  Separate your sheets. Having winter and summer bed linen is an immediate bedroom update and can give your room a new lease of life! For summer I like light, simple colours and a bright sheet – while making your bed fold down your duvet to reveal the splash of colour.

–  Keep an eye out for inspiration. I love keeping all my wardrobe and lifestyle inspiration using Pinterest and the old-fashioned way of magazine cuttings. It is the perfect way to give you new ideas or to visualise your home as a serene sanctuary. Check out Chic&Seek’s Pinterest boards to get you started with a few ideas.

By starting with a few of these simple tips I hope you feel inspired to transform your bedroom into a fresh new boudoir. My last feel good tip is to open your curtains as soon as you get up – having the sunlight stream through your window is the perfect way to start your summer mornings!

Until next time…


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