With the summer finally upon us the thought of outdoor festivals and events no longer fills us with the fear of miserable, rainy days. To celebrate the start of our summer social calendar, with Polo in the Park this weekend, we are here to give you some of our top tips for any outdoor summer event:

Check the weather before the event: Although we are basking in glorious sunshine at the moment, we need to remember where we live: England. There is always the possibility of rain and cloud, so make sure you check the weather the day before, or even on the day of the event, so that you are well and truly prepared, sometimes all it takes is a chic cardigan to keep the breeze at bay.

Midi and maxi: As tempting as it may be to wear your new LFD (Little Floral Dress), it probably isn’t the best option. Sitting on a picnic blanket in a dress you are constantly pulling down to hide your modesty is never a good look, and with the, often, breezy climate, strapping your arms to your side to stop you from having your not so sexy Marilyn Monroe moment does not exude elegance! Opt for a midi or maxi dress for a fuss free day.

Stilettos and grass = a no no: Constantly sinking into the ground can make the journey across a field very unladylike, therefore we definitely suggest you invest in a great pair of wedges. With so many different styles out there, there is no need to fear your only option is clompy old-fashioned cork! Alternatively, if they really aren’t your cup of tea, heel stoppers are a fabulous invention and come in various designs to suit you favourite pair of stilettos. Check out some of Chic&Seek’s wedges below:

Chanel wedges, £230; Christian Dior wedges, £225; Christian Louboutin wedges, £150; Jimmy Choo wedges £165; Prada wedges, £220

Protect your skin: Even though people still believe that it is impossible to get a tan in England I can guarantee that is totally untrue! There is nothing worse than being stuck at an outdoor event feeling the sun burn through your skin and knowing there is nothing you can do apart from go home. Always carry a mini bottle ofsunscreen in your handbag. Travel size is perfect, and fits in virtually any handbag, and if all else fails get you man to put it in one of his many pockets!

Protect your eyes: To complete your fabulous outfit, throw on your favourite pair of statement sunglasses. Prolonged squinting of your eyes only leads to wrinkles, and who wants more of those?! It also protects your eyes against the harsh summer sun, and allows you to have a quick power-nap while no one notices – it’s win win! Check out some of Chic&Seek’s sunglasses below:

Linda Farrow, £125; Dolce & Gabbana, £95; Roberto Cavalli, £85; Dolce & Gabbana, £85; Emilio Pucci, £125

Until next time…


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