The Year of the Horse – what does that mean?

The Chinese calendar has a 60-year cycle, 12 animals and 5 elements. So the last Horse Year with Fire Tiger energy was back 1954 when Roger Bannister and Diane Lever broke records in running the fastest mile. This is an indication for the year ahead – speed!


Be prepared to feel motivated and create change in your life. Determine clear goals and visions from what you would like to achieve. Traditionally horses allowed mankind the first mode of travel, to explore and see things far beyond what they had seen before. So this year could be exciting, maybe you will experience things you have never done before….

If you struggle with clarity, be warned, horses love to play and leap at opportunities to enter a race. If you have uncertainty in your direction, be prepared for chaos.  Horses are compulsive creatures and wasted energy could lead to boom and bust, you have been warned!

Those born in rat years might feel like this is a tough year as you are thoughtful planner by nature and therefore opposite to horse energy.

However, anything feels like a welcome relief to the last year, the water snake. In fact, the last five years the energy has been tough, full of introspection, bearing our souls, shedding skin, but that is over now, it is time for some fun in the Wild West!


This feels appropriate for Chic&Seek, we are re-introducing clothing and opening our very first Boutique. We will be ready to party at our launch and we look forward to welcoming Chic Seekers into the new space. This is a year to be social and gregarious. Make sure you are looking your best by buying chic and well cut clothing, the savvy way….from Chic&Seek.

Get ready, saddle up and be prepared for the ride of your life! At the speed of a horse, who knows, maybe there could be more Chic&Seek boutiques opening near you by the end of this year!

Tally Ho! Tara x



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