Get some zing into your life!

I met Krinna just before Christmas at a drinks party. We got chatting and I discovered that she ran her own beauty business. She talked with passion about skin care and a facial treatment called the Green Peel. Krinna isn’t your average beautician, I contacted her to book a treatment, I wanted to find out more.

Now, I’m no expert on facials, but sometimes I’m left disappointed with treatments that just feel like lashings of different creams, steaming towels and annoying pan-pipe music. What I want is a little bit of pain and extraction, are you with me on this?

On a cold wet windy day last week I set off to find Beautyworx, nested on a small street behind the mayhem of Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street. Be warned it is not the chicest entrance up to her little sanctuary. As the saying goes, do not judge a book by its cover! When you enter the doorway, walk to the end and lookout for the green painted corridor the same as the loo door, I love the colour!

The little looA

Krinna greeted me, introduced me to her assistant and gave me a tour of Beautyworx.  We moved into the treatment room and she talked through the Dr. Schrammek cosmetics she was going to use. Schrammek is a German family owned business founded over 60 years ago. Music to my ears, feels like I have stumbled across something special and authentic.


My skin is dry and I often get spots on my cheeks. Krinna observes that this could be constant use of my phone, mmm.. they do often pop up on the same side, interesting. I have some scaring from recent spots, I hope this green peel will work its magic!

Beautyworx FacialA

The herbs are worked into the skin and although Krinna didn’t do extraction, you do get some serious burning sensations which feels good and productive! We enjoy a good chat during the treatment, there is no irritating music (dolphins, waves, wind chimes), Café del Mar is playing and we discover that we both love piano concertos so get the receptionist to be our DJ and change tracks!

The treatment lasts around an hour. My skin feels weird and tingly after. Suddenly I am aware of how much I touch my face as every time I make contact the skin tingles. I am given some testers to take home. I decide to buy a little Dermologica hydration spray, also a brand endorsed by Krinna, I will keep the little bottle in my handbag and spritz away to stay hydrated. I’m feeling like a convert before I’ve even stepped out the door. As I walk through the corridor I snap a selfie, yes, I feel like a new woman!

After the facialA

I decide to continue the indulgence, get shelter from the rain and grab an Earl Grey and a slice of carrot cake. YUM!

After effectA

The following morning, my skin still feels a little tingly, the day after that I am seeing the pigmentation of the blemishes have softened. I’m looking forward to my next facial! Finding someone like Krinna who is passionate about her work and has researched so many different brands to find something that really works, I feel in safe hands.

Go check it out!

Get some zing in your skin! x


2 Responses to “Get some zing into your life!”

    • Krinna Standley

      Hi Caroline,

      Thank you for your post!

      Text or call me on 079329 68103 if you want to know more and I can show you these special herbs!

      You also receive 20% off your first facial.

      Kind Regards


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