I Love Miu Miu!

As I began writing this, I remembered that I sold my very first pair of Miu Miu’s and I’m feeling a little bit sad as to why I took this decision. Shoes are one thing I find hard to part with because I get very attached. My first pair of Miu Miu’s I bought in Harrods sale, they were burgundy suede with a flower pattern on. But to be honest, they were always a little big, flipping out of a pair of heels is never very cool. So maybe this is why I thought, wise to let them find a new home and be enjoyed by someone else.

Shoe boxes

My next purchase were dark grey flats with a bow. I remember loving them so much I squished my feet into a 36 because they were the last pair left, I told my self they would fit damn it! It took a few weeks of pain until they stretched to the perfect fit. I’m still amazed at how good they look after so much wear,  they must be over 7 years old now.

Grey pumps

From then, I was hooked on pricey pumps for comfort, style and impeccable finish. Some people don’t know that Miu Miu is the little sister brand to Prada. It was developed as a less expensive women’s wear line inspired by Miuccia Prada’s own wardrobe, so the label is named after her nick name, Miu Miu.

Nowadays the prices are not too different to Prada, I guess the label grows older with the customer and they hope their bank balances grow at the same pace as their prices! Of course this is not the case for all of us, so buying from Chic&Seek is the perfect way to keep well shod with out going into debt. These studded one’s I bought from a Chic Seller last year at only £180.

Studded shoes

Miu Miu designs are fun, feminine and quirky, often a little bit kitch and crazy. I bought these red peep toe platforms at Bergdorf Goodmans sale. Have you ever heard the saying, ‘red shoes, no knickers?!’ Well these shoes always make me feel a little bit naughty and they will always remind me of a crazy night in Monaco!

Much more demure and classy are these nude patent heels with fantastic crystal embellished heels. On several occasions I’ve been stopped by random strangers and asked where these little beauties are from.

Nude Miu Miu

I tend to opt for safe classic styles, but if I had the legs and the shoe size to match, I would snap up these brogue style heels in pink, black and gold, size 39. These are a total chic deal at only £175 and totally brand new and never worn!


Gold & Pink Miu Miu




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