Nicole Von Bredow

Nicole Von Bredow has been a Chic Seeker for several years, she chooses the super Chic Hermes Constance bag to pose with as her debut as Chic of the Week! Tara has had her chart read yearly by Nicole and can highly recommend her for a reading. Find out more about her life as a  journalist and fashion lover.

What do you do? 

I’m an astrologer and journalist writing for German and Swiss magazines.

What are you most proud of?

Moving to London 18 years ago without knowing a single soul and building my own business.

What can’t you live without?

My cat Moses and a good coffee.

What is your most memorable fashion purchase?

A frog green silk coat with a large collar you can drape around the shoulders by Sybilla for Gibo – a vintage coat from the 90ies.

I call it the Frog King (from the fairytale) because of its effortless glamour. I love the coat so much, I would never put it in a suitcase, when I fly somewhere. It’s always in my hand luggage.

What is your favourite shop of all time?

I love living in London, but when it comes to shopping I enjoy traveling to Paris with the Eurostar. My top destination: Le Bon Marché is not only a bastion for the fashion-conscious Parisian of the left bank, it’s also got some impressive architecture. In the iconic building, featuring stunning art deco elements reminiscent of the Belle Epoque Era, you’ll find a ultra hip cosmetic section, a wonderful bookstore, a designer home decoration department and a lingerie section, where the changing room offers an interphone link to the sale assistant.

What is your biggest fashion mistake?!

A mid length black silk skirt with a huge velvet bow on the front ( it’s a textile overdose!) by Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent. You need to be very slim and very tall to make this look fab. I’m not that tall and voluptuous.

Who would play you in the film of your life?

That’s a tough one…

Carole Bouquet for the looks (I wish…) Emma Thomson for her wit (I’m working on it) Cate Blanchett for her craft.

What’s your Chic Beauty/Fashion tip?

Be passionate about a project, a house, a trip. It’s an instant face lift.

To have your chart read visit and make an appointment with Nicole!


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