The Chic & The Deep!

I must admit to you, I was a little reluctant to start this blog as I was ready to have a break from all things Chic. My Life Coach, Cheryl Fidelman, encouraged me to start up the Chic Seeker blog and share how my life is evolving beyond seeking The Chic. She thought it would make an interesting read and keep me connected to an audience that I had created over the last 6 years.


Then, my Second Year project for my Master’s Degree began. In November 2015 my school ‘reader’ suggested that I posted my writing on a blog. I thought, this is the time to resuscitate The Chic Seeker!


But these blog posts weren’t about anything Chic


They were Deep….


I told my teacher I couldn’t just post these topics without some introduction about what I was studying here.


So, here it goes….my Second Year project is called ‘Conversations about Death & Grieving.’ Not the most light hearted topic and certainly a new tone to how things have presented themselves on this blog before.


I thought about setting up another blog, but why? All this writing is from me and I am not a one-dimensional woman! This blog should represent me as a whole.


Then I had my ‘light bulb’ moment with one of my interviewees about death and grieving. I asked this lady:


‘What is God for you? ‘


She replied, “I don’t believe in God, one God protecting me. I believe there are invisible energies, the collective conscious, everything in the universe has complimentary forces, you have the Yin & Yang, the Light & Dark, Inhale & Exhale. If there is a collective conscious then there must be higher forces protecting me, everything that lives is in constant movement and expansion.”


That was SO profound to me! I hope that one day I can articulate with such wisdom!


In listening back to the conversation, I thought, of course the co-existence of myself and this blog is that there is The Chic and The Deep! The Chic is my light hearted sunny side and The Deep is my sometimes sad and enquiring soul. We all have light and dark that coexist within us. I believe life is about embracing and accepting all parts of our being.


It makes perfect sense to share this work on The Chic Seeker.


Click here to read about why death and grieving has been part of my process…

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