Embracing the Divine Unknown

Graduation is drawing close. I have been in the US on an F-1 student visa and I recently handed in my application for the OPT. The OPT provides a one year work extension for graduates with a master’s degree.


Two weeks ago it was confirmed that I would not be getting the OPT!




I saw this as a seamless application and my gut has been telling me that LA is the place for me to be. So, I put my house in London on the market. I have an apartment leased in Hollywood until February 2017 that is full of stuff that I own. I own a car and I have a website under development for the coaching business that I planned to launch in October here in the states. Now I’m told that I have 60 days after graduation to leave the USA!


Am I sounding dramatic? What to do?


Well quite frankly there is a big part of me who wants to pretend this is not happening. I want to bury my head in the sand. I wish life didn’t have to be so complicated! Why as human beings can we not roam freely around the planet? I wish all these stipulations and rules and regulations did not exist (said my inner hippy!!)


Will praying to spirit magically solve my problems?


Yes, I could just sit on my meditation cushion and manifest in my head that a visa will magically appear in my passport OR I have to take some action! I like to have a plan and feel in control of my destiny. As much as I want to stay in Los Angeles, I have to also become resolute to the fact this may not be my destiny. I have to trust that whatever happens will be for my highest good. I will ask Spirit for direction and I will ask everyone I know for assistance as well.  It’s a strange place to find myself having no idea where I will be living in 90 days from now. This, my friends, is the space of being in the ‘divine unknown’. Which, to be, honest is the nature of life anyway. We never know what is just around the corner. Right? (as Americans would say) As much as we like to plan and control there are many junctures that throw us curve balls that feel uncomfortable and impossible to overcome. But, somehow, we all find our way. So in the moments of anxiety, I remind myself that it will all work itself out. Whatever will be, will be… que sera, sera! And all in divine time.

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