My Love Button Story

Rewind to March 2015 when I returned back to London to complete the sale transaction with Buy My Wardrobe, transfer my client’s clothes and close down the Chic&Seek store. I felt worried about the impact that closing the store would have on the neighbouring shops and I wasn’t looking forward to delivering the news.


Literally moments after being back I ran into the shop manager from next door who asked, ‘is it true that you are closing the store?’ I replied, ‘yes.’ She said that their business was under new management and they were interested in taking over my shop! Wow, not the reaction I was expecting. People couldn’t wait to see the back of me! She said the new manager would pop in and introduce himself.


Later that afternoon a young, hip and handsome man walked into the shop and he was wearing a ‘Love Button.’ At the University of Santa Monica, where I am studying, there are glass bowls filled with Love Buttons for us to take. Where did this British dude in front of me pick up a Love Button?


What is a Love Button I hear you ask?


The brains behind the Love Button is Dr. Habib Sadeghi, co-founder of both BeHive of Healing Integrative Medical and Dental Center in California and the International College of Spiritual Nutrition. He is also a graduate of Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica where I am about to graduate from! Dr. Sadeghi learnt about the healing power of Love after being diagnosed with testicular cancer. He wrote the word ‘Love’ on the palm of his hand before being wheeled into the operating room as a reminder that the greatest healing power was always with him. After graduating from medical school, he wrote Love on a piece of paper, tore it out and made it into a pin and wore it on his white coat. Later came the little badges we see now with the brilliant and distinct Love logo.


So…back to the shop. The young, hip and handsome man, told me that whilst his Mother was unwell he had been connected with Dr. Sadeghi and that is how he had the Love Button. Wow! I felt like Spirit was guiding me. And so it was that I became his landlady and 98 Portland Road housed the expansion of Summerhill & Bishop.


I have been touched to see the spread of the Love Buttons and how this is becoming a global movement. I have seen them in Tracy Anderson’s studios and saw more Brits wearing them in London after a recent Coldplay concert. Yes, that’s right, Chris Martin is backing the movement in a big way which is huge. If this is the first time you have seen the Love Button, it won’t be the last!


I believe this is a powerful and much needed movement especially as we see how much hatred, racism and evil is ripping through our planet at this time. When we Love and when we give without expecting to receive, we gain something in our hearts. Our Love bank increases. These little badges are reminders to choose Love instead of fear, Love instead of hatred, unity instead of separation, connection instead of isolation. Ultimately we are ALL ONE. As human beings we are all connected. And still the majority of the planet resides in an ‘us and them’ mentality because people feel like there is not enough. They don’t live with the feeling that the universe is abundant and there is an endless supply of Love.


So often I waste time seeking for love outside of myself. I want someone else to love me, or I want someone to love. I want love and validation from others with the clothes I wear or for the body I inhabit. I seek perfection in the families and relationships I create. I feel victimised when life throws me a curve ball I do not want. Nevertheless, I am human and I will always wrestle with my humanness. BUT when the going gets tough, I remember Love is always available to me. I shower my internal being with Love and Compassion. I know how to nurture myself and tell my inner child that she is loved and safe and everything is okay. We never know when our days are our last, so find your inner well of Love and deepen it daily.


I recently read this on Tracy Anderson’s newsletter and wanted to share it with you:


“Self-Love is where it starts because in true love there is no room for jealousy. Love is the absence of fear. Love is not needing but wanting. Love allows forgiveness. Love requires attention. Love understands and accepts differences. Love has empathy. Love has gratitude. Love is a commitment. Love trusts and accepts the truths. Love heals. Love is an action.” (From Tracy Anderson’s Newsletter)


Grow your Love Bank/How to make savings in your Love Bank:


  1. Write 5 things you are grateful for each day
  2. Look a homeless person in the eye and send them Loving energy
  3. Look in the mirror, say, I Love myself and I am worthy of Love
  4. Send a letter or a post card to someone you Love but rarely see or speak to
  5. While driving allow someone to pull out in front of you and give them a big smilelove-button



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