With Ascot kicking into action this week, it is official, the summer truly has arrived! This week we are looking at some simple rules to help you decide on your outfit and accessories for the big day and some advice that might surprise you..!

Don’t worry about matching your hat to your shoes: When attending an event many of us worry about matching our accessories to our outfits. There is no need to let it prey on your mind any more! It is very tricky to find an exact colour match for shoes and hats, unless they are custom made, therefore we suggest a little colour clashing. It is a very popular trend this summer so be adventurous and break the mould with your contrasting accessories.


Do think about your footwear: As stunning as your favourite stilettos may be, they are not practical for walking on grass! Opt for a pair of wedges or flatforms to give you the added height you desire.


Don’t plan your outfit around your hat: It is far better to plan your outfit and then chose a hat that complements the featured colour. If you are wearing a coloured floral or patterned design you have free reign to pick a hat in any colour that features in your outfit.

Size does matter: While searching for your perfect hat chose one that you feel reflects your personality, whether that is within the colour, style or size, however, the brim of the hat should never extend wider than your shoulders!

Do think about the size of your bag: As beautiful as some of the clutches out the may be, sometimes they are extremely impractical. We suggest you plan the essentials you will need in your bag and work around them. It is just as important not to go too small, as it is to go too big; you don’t want to be heaving a heavy bag around all day! This summer it is all about the envelope clutch, either with colour blocking or embellishment. Available in huge range of varying sizes you are sure to find one that suits you!



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