Roxane lives in a beautiful loft apartment in Tribeca, New York City. Her style is Parisian chic, she is petit, blonde with beautiful blue eyes and her most treasured accessory is her gorgeous little dog, Lucky.


Every time I meet Roxane she has an interesting story to tell me. When we first spoke on the phone back in 2009 she told me how part of her dressing room in her Dallas home had burnt down destroying her dressing room and a couture Moshino ‘Survival jacket’ that she adored.

Last week over lunch at Teadora’s on the Upper East Side, she told me the full story, which I love, and I asked her if I could share it with you..

An avid shopper and couture collector, Roxane found herself in Doyles browsing their collection. As she was leaving the store she said to herself, God, I pray that my beloved Moschino jacket will turn up here one day.

A few months later, a friend mentioned that Doyles were having a couture auction and she should check out their website to see what was on offer. Roxane logged on immediately and to her disbelief the exact Moschino jacket in the auction, in her size!! Pretty amazing, given only 6 were ever made. She immediately put on her running shoes and ran across Central Park to see if her jacket was really there.

Survival Jacket 1

Survival Jacket 3

On the day of the auction she made an agreement to herself that she wouldn’t pay over $4000 for the jacket . There was a phone bidder against her and it literally just got to her limit, she thought she had lost the jacket for the second time, but the phone bidder just stopped short $100 of her $4000 budget and Roxane got it!!

The passion and enthusiasm that Roxane tells the story can’t compare to my writing. What amazes me is how this jacket found its way back into Roxane’s life after her prayer.

photo collage

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