As we approach the end of 2013, I thought I would blog about fashion and feelings. I have decided to re-introduce clothing again to Chic&Seek once we open our fabulous new boutique. I know my Chic Seekers love to rifle through rails of clothes and there will be a lovely spacious changing area with natural light to try new things at your leisure.

How you dress can change the way you feel, it is also directly linked to how people perceive you; this in turn will also affect how you feel. I tend to dress according to how I’m feeling. If I want to be low key and comfortable, then that’s how I’m feeling. If I need to go to a networking event, stand tall and be confident, I’ll make sure I am wearing heels and a colour or piece of jewellery people will remember and be able to distinguish me by.

Do you find yourself dressing for other women’s approval or are you masterful at dressing for men and getting their attention? Are you an avid follower of fashion and like to keep ahead of the trends, or do you prefer to look effortless and like it isn’t a priority in your life?

I have a box called ‘Memory Clothes’ in this box are a few fabulous dresses, old school jumpers, a pair of massive flares I lived and died in! These clothes hold special moments in my life, markers of who I am today.

Clothes are exceptionally personal and highly emotional things. I remember hearing someone say, that you always remember what you wore at weddings, but you won’t remember what you ate. Clothes are deeply imprinted in our emotional memory.

The hardest part of my job is refusing certain peoples clothing to re-sell. I can see how much something once meant to them, maybe they kept it too long for it to be desirable anymore or perhaps it was a sale purchase that was a mistake for them, which means it probably won’t pass the mark for the Chic&Seek rails either.

I find that the Chic Sellers whose clothes sell the best, are women who know who they are. The have nailed their style and they don’t make impulse buys. They most likely buy key pieces at the start of the season, and then have good quality staples. They are loyal to certain designers and don’t slavishly follow who ever is hot right now and they don’t look at other people for inspiration, they know what suits them.

Often I despair at the crazy world of fashion, the fickle nature we find ourselves obsessing about what to wear, which designer is hot or not and the bitchiness that comes from critiquing other peoples style and choices. But there is no getting away from the fact that we have to dress ourselves, and how we choose to do this, says something about who we are.

I encourage you to buy what you like, not what you are told to like. If you shop and dress intuitively you will find that you have a wardrobe that styles effortlessly together without even meaning it to.

Everyone has a right to feel great. If you feel like your body isn’t the way you want, dress it according to what feels good when you are wearing it. Accessorise with great jewellery and fabulous shoes, don’t be afraid of colour or what other people think. I say, any reaction is a good reaction, because you deserve to be noticed, you are worth it!

And with that divine line from L’Oreal my dear Chic Seekers, I will conclude!

I look forward to welcoming you to the new boutique, early in 2014

Dress to impress yourself and feel fabulous in 2014

The Chic Seeker! xxx

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