I have decided that for me, 2014 is about getting domesticated and using my kitchen more! I tend to eat out regularly with friends and clients, and if I’m not eating out I have Feng Sushi on speed dial or I’ll do a drive by the best Turkish restaurant in town, Fez Mengal.

Having my home taken over by Chic&Seek clothes and work has meant that my culinary skills have stagnated somewhat. I am now re-igniting my love of entertaining friends and dusting off some pans and recipe books.

Last week I had five fellow female entrepreneurial friends over for dinner and we all projected our work goals for 2014 and how we could support one another with achieving them. I cooked a yummy Mung Bean Curry that I prepared in the morning and then re-heated as my guests arrived. There is nothing worse than slaving away in the kitchen when you are entertaining, so I like to choose recipes that I can pre-prepare and allow me maximum time with my guests.

The recipe I chose was from Honestly Healthy by Natasha Corrett and Vicki Edgson. This book is full of ‘alkaline’ recipes; they champion a plant based and strictly organic diet. The book is beautifully laid out with fantastic photography. I have found the recipes easy to follow and absolutely delicious. Honestly Healthy is so much more than a recipe book because it gives a detailed account of why such a diet is beneficial and teaches you how to adjust to a new way of eating. It is a fascinating read, I wholeheartedly recommend investing in this book.

Honestly Healthy

Honestly Healthy recipe

Honestly Healthy page

Over the weekend I chose a recipe from Skinny Meals in Heels. This was given to me last Christmas and I’m ashamed to say that I have only managed to cook a couple of recipes from this so far. The great news is, these recipes are ‘figure-friendly dishes for girls on the move’. The book is beautifully illustrated and feels very Sex in the City. Perfect for a Chic Seeker!

Each recipe gives you tips on what you can do to prep ahead (great for us busy girls) and also why the recipe is ‘skinny’, or maybe better said ‘healthy’. Skinny Meals is full of all kinds of recipes from snacks, salads and deserts; no food groups are omitted.

Skinny Meals cover

Skinny Meals page

I hope I’ve inspired you to fill up your fridge and invite some girlfriends over to share your culinary delights and dreams for a healthy and fulfilling 2014.

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