Rose Lloyd Owen

To head up this weeks Chic of the week is the unbelievably creative and talented Rose Lloyd Owen who runs a fashion friendly cuisine company called Peardrop London. Rose creates beautiful and delicious food using fresh ingredients and delivers to offices as a lunchtime service, she also caters for large parties, meetings and fashion shoots. She has recently catered for our Chic&Seek Boutique launch, such heavenly delights!


Peardroplondon nibbles & juices

What do you do? 

I run a company called Peardrop that delivers healthy lunches to offices, as well as catering for meetings, fashion shoots and parties.

What are you most proud of?

Toiling incessantly over hundreds of Christmas Jumpers… Back in 2007, I realised it was impossible to buy them anywhere, so I decided to make my own and sell them. For years I made so many bespoke designs for people all over the place that I was able to set up Peardrop with the profits.

What can’t you live without?

Cashmere and wine.

What is your most memorable fashion purchase?

My best friend works for Louboutin so I’m very lucky to have lots of those. My first pair were some ridiculously high white water pythons. It was a sample sale and they were too small but I had to have them!

What is your favourite shop of all time?

I’ve heard about this really great one opening up this week in Clarendon Cross …

Also French markets … cheese, pates, pastries, macaroons, antiques … I love them!

I love Cos and Acne too.

What is your biggest fashion mistake?!

My blue mullet.  We were pretty bored one night at school so I decided to shake things up and chop all my hair off. The whole school stopped talking when I walked into breakfast. I would dye it blue and spike it up Prodigy style for parties. So so uncool. But I actually started a trend!

Who would play you in the film of your life?

Jennifer Lawrence please! Falling over at the Oscars is so my style!

For more of Rose’s mouthwatering creations visit

Launch Party B


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